Thursday, July 22, 2010

Live Digital Caricatures

These are a sample of some live digital caricatures I did remotely from my home studio.   I did over 100 caricatures for a convention in Austin Tx. The marketing company wanted a caricature artist to provide "caricature id badges" to attract people to their booth. They took a digital snapshot, posted them on an internet dropbox shared folder, and I drew each caricature -real time- and posted them in the drop box after I was done. They printed them out and handed them out. Each one took about 10 minutes, but with breaks and lunch, etc, I was up to about 2 in the morning on the first day and completed about 70 caricatures. The next day the volume was lower and completed about 30 more. But this could be the wave of the future - live digital caricatures from your studio to the location or event.


  1. Hello Chris,

    Do you still do caricatures in Austin? If so, please email me at for a booking opportunity.

    Thank you!

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